• Ashley Paton

Taking the plunge!

So... I've decided to take the plunge and write my first blog. I've always wanted to, but it's finding the time isn't it? Well I need to MAKE the time as I'm aware there's so many great Wedding's, Family's, Events that I've shot and haven't shared with anyone except my client! I've decided to use my blogs to share images from my past photography jobs, talk about my experience of weddings, posing my clients (naturally of course), getting ready for your shoot or wedding day, what to ask me or think about... the list goes on. I've been a photographer for 10 years now! I've seen lot and learnt a lot.. and I'd love to share my musings with you.

In this day and age we take hundreds and thousands of digital images, and what do we do with them? Mostly we leave them on our computers and hard drives never to be seen or rarely seen again. I have dozens of past brides who sometimes leave it years before they decide to have an album created or prints for their home. I myself was guilty of this when I got married! It took me two years to commit to my Graphi Album! Shocking! My main excuse was feeling the pressure of it needing to look "just right". I mean, I'm the photographer! If my album doesn't look amazing then why would anyone else want one? I can't believe I put it off for so long because the very month I received mine and showed my current clients at the time, they all wanted one.

It really doesn't matter if you don't want an album or can't afford one just yet (I mean the wedding was expensive enough!), even just to print your images and store them in a beautiful bespoke print box is special and your photography deserves that. We spend all this money on gorgeous photography and then... nothing.

I'm so guilty of this myself. Especially just showing you all my work! So that is now stopping. I'm going to share my work with you so it isn't just on my never ending collection of hard drives! Sharing is caring after all, and I love all my clients so much it seems a shame to not show you all how amazing they looked on their special day or portraiture shoot with me.

I hope you find my blog interesting and resourceful.. even if just for inspiration for your own Photo Session with me. I wanted to say thank you to all my past, current and future clients. You lovely lot keep me working in my dream job and I love you all!

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