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"First We Had each other, then we had you... now we have everything"

I just love photographing newborns. They are always my favourite sessions, with each one unique and exciting. It's so wonderful seeing the parents so excited (even if they are really, really tired), and it's quite normal for them to shed a tear when they see the images on the back of my camera! 


It's such a precious time in a babies life, the first few days are gone with a blink of an eye and before you know it they are running around causing mischief and you are left wondering where that tiny bundle went?


My aim is to capture your new arrival in their purest form, preferably in their birthday suit (although I can wrap them if you'd prefer). I will photograph all their little details whilst always practicing safe poses. I never, ever push your baby into a position that they are not happy or comfortable in.


The Session

Newborns are usually photographed anywhere from 6-14 days. With that being said, it is best to book either during your pregnancy or as soon as the baby is born. I will set a date from your due date or scheduled c-section, with the understanding that we can easily move the date or time (we all know babies are rarely on time!) I ask my clients to call me when the baby is born with the arrival date and weight – this way we can plan the best schedule. Babies are best photographed around 10 days, but this is dependent upon the weight. Smaller babies (5/6 pounds) may be photographed around 12-14 days, while as bigger babies should be photographed around 5-12 days.

I am sensitive to the mum's recovery and we will work with you to schedule your baby, I will not hassle you to book your session! Regardless of my schedule, I always leave time for newborns and will not schedule more than two sessions a week to guarantee quality of my work. The idea is to have gorgeous newborn photos so if you are interested in all of the cute wrapped, squishy baby poses then you should want to come around 5-12 days.


How Long are the Sessions?

Newborn sessions generally take about 2-3 hours and I shoot from the comfort of your home.


Baby Feeding

Mums are generally instructed to do most of the feeding at the beginning of the session so that baby is nice and relaxed. This way I can start with an outfit or wrap while they digest and then continue on as they are nice and comfortable. With that being said, if you want baby naked, then at some point they will do their business! And that's ok!! I am so used to it and it truly doesn’t bother me – i'll just grab another blanket and off we go again! I also use heaters and white noise to help soothe babies.



General retouching is provided on all my images. I suggest using olive oil on the babys skin in the morning after a bath to keep everything soft and smooth. As babies grow the acne and peeling skin will occur, but you don't need to worry as I can really remove anything in post. I want to show your baby in the best possible light, that being said I will not do any heavy retouching upon request. For umbilical cords, we can pose in a way that will disguise it.



I buy blankets and props mostly in neutral colours so that the main focus is on your baby not the background. All materials, wraps, blankets and clothing are washed after every session and are always kept clean. 

I take baby safety and care very seriously. You can trust that I will provide all measures to keep your baby in a clean safe environment.


Clothing for Family

Clothing for parents and siblings is best when it is nice and simple, and free of patterns or stripes. It is best to wear colors that will look great when the artwork is displayed in the home. Light or dark colors, work equally well. 


Baby Posing

I always want baby to be safe – as everyone should – and do not like to put your baby into any unnatural positions to create composite images.







£350 - 2 hour session at your home with 20 edited images available to download



£400 - as above with USB and two 5x7 prints


£750 - as above with a Luxury 20 page 8x8 Professional Album with all of your


photos beautifully printed to treasure forever.



£25 - Extra Digital Image




Featured Newborns...

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